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4 tips on how to promote your Instagram account

Just a few people know how to actually promote their accounts and make them popular. Today we will tell you how to get your profile to the TOP without having to buy Instagram likes for each post (however, you can do this for some publications).

Unusual methods to promote your account

  1. The presence of a tone of voice

These are the unspoken rules of the company’s interaction with the audience, which are the same for all channels of the company’s promotion.

Why do you need a tone of voice?

  1. For better contact with the buyer.
  2. To reflect the philosophy of the brand.
  3. In order to stand out from competitors in the Instagram market, of which there are now a huge number.
  4. Give people the opportunity to buy the internal state, atmosphere, aesthetics of the brand, and not just the thing
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Also, don’t forget about audience engagement. For example, you can hold a promotion with a donation of a product for a like and a subscription, which will significantly increase the activity of your audience.

This way you won’t have to buy likes on Instagram this time, because users themselves will want to like your post in order to participate in the promotion.

  1. Focus on the media

Buy ads from a large number of bloggers or popular personalities at once. Approach the purchase of advertising correctly! Choose an adjacent audience (make sure that the audience of these bloggers overlaps and is from the same target group).

Due to the large amount of information on the social network, your potential client may not notice you the first time, and if he sees your account with several bloggers at once, this will cause more interest and brand loyalty, since many bloggers use your product / service.

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On Instagram, there is such a thing as associating yourself with your favorite blogger. The audience wants to buy and use the same products as their idol in order to have some similarities with him.

  1. Having a main character

The face of your brand should be a clear reflection of the interests of your target audience.

For example, if you are promoting a beauty salon, then the face of the company should be a person who is well versed in the subject of the company and can be an example for all employees and an expert for clients. The candidate for the leader of the company can be either the director of the salon, or the general manager who manages the activities of the company and communicates with clients.

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Such a person should:

  1. Self-confident (not afraid of the camera, not shy of other people)
  2. Constantly be in the media space.
  3. Reflect the clear needs of your customers.

If you follow these simple rules, you are guaranteed success! Read constantly articles on how to use social networks to grow your business and implement new tricks in your work. So you can quickly and easily achieve success in your career.

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