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3 Top Secret Ways To Tell If A Slot Machine Is Hot

The best way to tell is by playing and not paying attention to anything, but the best way we know is using a slot machine locator app. This will show you which casinos and casino hotels have hot slots so you can go there, play the slots without playing the games, and hopefully win lots of money!


There are other ways to tell, and these are good when you want to compare the slot machine patterns being used across casinos.


There is also the game itself that a player can play, to tell them if the games are hot or not. The game itself shows a lot of details about how that slot machine works and what’s going on. For example, Diabolical Fortune will show you “Hot” symbols – this means that there is a greater than 3% chance (and usually much more than 3%) that they will turn into cash when spinning. That is a LOT of cash! The likelihood of winning when a Hot symbol comes up for a “Break” game is pretty much 100%. That’s not the point, though. A Hot symbol can be anywhere from 3 to 50 times bigger than the Wild symbol. So in a “Madame Rose” slot game like this, you could get a Hot symbol that could have 60 cash in it – and that’s 60% more than the Wild has.

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Why is this important? Because when a player gets that Hot symbol for free, it’s like getting a free $120 bonus each time you play. “Hot” symbols are like the shots that players get in Vegas, when they hit all the bells in a row. Those shots are free, too, but the cash part is that you actually get paid to hit one of those bells! Hot symbols are even better than those. So having a lot of those Hot symbols can just make you go crazy. And that’s where people go wrong playing slot machines: they get so excited they lose it all.

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Let’s learn about the 10 ways by which you can tell if a slot machine is hot:


  1. Play the slots at the same time each day.


Most players play their favourite slot machines at the same time of day, every day. For example, they might play it before they go to work, or in the afternoon while eating lunch.


There’s a lot of ways to tell if a player is doing this, but one sure way is to watch them play and see if they pull out their phone or tablet and check out the times when they should be playing slots. This will be easy if you have access to people’s mobile devices, because you can check their call history and see that they “called home” at certain times every day during a certain period of time. If you don’t do that, though, you can still tell because people who are playing the slots are “clicking” the same buttons.

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  1. Watch them play real money slots at other casinos.


Let’s say I want to tell if a machine is hot on my casino floor. So I look for my player, and then I find a perfect seat to watch them play. If they use their phone or tablet with the same pattern of play every time they spin, I’ll see it consistently in their mobile device log. I might even see it in their call history, if I check the contact list on their phone.


But let’s say I don’t have that luxury, and the player is playing at 6 other casinos around Las Vegas. I’ll make sure to watch them play on Sunday morning at 7AM, and again at 4PM, and again at 10 PM. I can then watch the pattern of play carefully, because when they go to a new casino they always use the same patterns of play as they did here! So I’ll be able to compare that with when they go back here and still see the same pattern – which would mean that this slot machine is working in one casino and not in any of the others.

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  1. Watch to see what’s popular with your players. Even better, watch them play it!


I’m going to give you an example from a story I read about once, where an operator was going crazy trying to figure out which of his slot machines were hot and which ones weren’t. So he watched the players – not physically, but using electronic observation – and used their betting patterns as a way of figuring out how strong a machine was doing at the casino over time.


The only problem is that humans can’t figure out which of the machines are hot. But computers can.

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So he had a computer with cameras installed, and he programmed it to be able to tell which of his slot machine handles (the sections of the machine where you pull the arm) were popular. So this guy would sit in front of his computer, watching the activity on his casino floor constantly – on these cameras that were installed from high above the floor.


Anyway, this guy noticed over time that there was one handle on a certain game that was very popular – and thus always had a large amount of cash in it at any time. He figured out that since this handle was so popular, and since he had put in a very big payout on it, that the slot machine wasn’t doing as well as the rest of his slots. So he got rid of it.

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He would watch the players play these other slots, and there were two types that seemed to be doing relatively well: Slots with 2 symbols on them (called “Double Up” slots) and slots with lots of bells (called “Break” games). He made sure to have a few machines with each type, so he could observe what was going on for himself.



So that’s one way to tell if a slot machine is hot. You can try these with situs slot and daftar slot. Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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