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15 Good Reasons To Quit Facebook Now

Facebook is the most successful social network in the world, the group’s system is also one of the most disliked networks. These are the top 15 reasons why you should quit using Facebook now.


If Facebook is the most successful social network in the world, the group’s system is also one of the most disliked networks. In recent times, the network also faces retirement in some parts of the world. Don’ t miss your chance to discuss this topic on your podcast on the world’s largest audio streaming platform and get numerous views, buy soundcloud plays and start getting noticed already today.

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These are the top 15 reasons why you should quit using Facebook now.

15 Good Reasons To Quit Facebook Now

  1. Facebook obtains and exchanges data from its users

By registering with Facebook, Internet users often allow Facebook to exploit his/her own personal data for commercial purposes. User data is compiled and then used by advertisers to target specific campaigns. For example, if you like several shotguns brands and your search history suggests that you are a hunter, it is likely that the data that will appear on your Facebook page are directly related to your passion. If Facebook sees ad targeting as an added value for the user, all users are probably not of the same opinion, and many do not even know the practices of the social network.

  1. Facebook Retains User data or Information For several years
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The news caused gossip when it broke out. When the user decides to delete a photo gallery, if they are no longer visible on his Facebook page, they are available on a Facebook server for several more years. The same principle also applies to account closure, which disappears “definitely” a few weeks after user confirmation. History to allow the former member to reconsider.

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  1. Social Life Takes a Beating


Many psychologists today evoke addiction of some users to social networks and Facebook in particular. Like any social network, Facebook is trying to maintain the buzz by regularly launching new features that remind users to order and highlighting the latest statuses, photos and videos of shared knowledge. The result is this addiction that causes members to continually refresh their homepage to see what their friends are doing and spend the afternoon surfing from one profile to another. For many, Facebook has even completely replaced the Internet becoming a full-fledged RSS reader. Worse, Facebook now follows us everywhere with its mobile applications on smartphones and tablets.

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  1. Regular Medicine With a Douse!


Many sociologists and psychologists have highlighted the dangers of Facebook on the mental health of users. Among the most sensitive issues: self-esteem. In viewing photos of other members of the social network, the user tends to compare his own life to that of others and often forget to keep a critical mind. Like him, the other members of the social network tend to highlight the most positive aspects of their personality on the social network and to distort the image they give to the world. Faced with friends that give the impression to travel constantly, have a busy social life, to be happy and to have hundreds of friends, some members of the social network tend to lose confidence in themselves and gradually enter depression.

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  1. Facebook Encourages Wiretapping


If Facebook is a great tool to keep in touch with friends at the other end of the world, remote knowledge or just all these relatives, you can not see every day and you are missing, the social network Mark Zuckerberg can also become an almost unhealthy toolset into the wrong hands. Pedophiles, perverts and “stalkers” have made a real playing field. As for the good father, it can very quickly turn to him as a pervert spying on the profile of a former, forgotten for years and reappeared so totally unexpectedly on the social network. On Facebook, that would be “socially unacceptable” in real life suddenly becomes accessible to all as belonging to the world precisely “fictitious” and yet very real.

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  1. Facebook Endangers All Accounts Linked to Your Profile


More and more sites and services use Facebook as registration means, and sometimes as the only solution to register on a website. Using the Facebook account to register, the site owner gains valuable minutes since the site in question repatriates certain account data to simplify registration. Many of these “links” with Facebook opens the door to account hacking. Another disadvantage: the day the member decides to unsubscribe, generally thought not to all accounts linked to Facebook during registration, which may in some cases completely disappear with Facebook Account.


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  1. The Social Network Is No Longer “Trendy”


If Facebook is still the most popular social network at present, it must also face a departure of tens of thousands of users. Considered “has been” by younger people, it is strongly less attractive than other more open social networks that allow for contact with strangers. And then, of course, there is competition with Twitter, booming since the arrival of the “second screen”.

  1. Censorship Is Everywhere!


Like all Web 2.0 companies, Facebook is still very traditional in its values and used to an almost annoying censorship on the social network. No nudity, no violence, no blood and even fewer photos or videos that could raise controversy. The smallest suspicious picture is automatically deleted and the California company does not hold to block the account of users who do not respect the rules in place. Exit, therefore, works of art featuring nude models and war pictures on the pages of the media. Other Facebook companies had also paid the price earlier this year following the publication of a cover featuring a child injured as a result of an explosion.

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  1. Advertising is Everywhere


Over the years, Facebook has combined new series to his bow by offering several ad formats to advertisers. If the performance of visible operations is passed as a letter in the mail from users, the combination of sponsored posts in users news flow has created a real debate. Unfortunately for users, the appearance should not stop there because Facebook allows them to integrate commercials for tens of seconds in the user’s news feeds.


  1. The “Fee” or “Free” Services Arrive?


Facebook is always regarded as a “free” service and many among you are those who pay every month tens of dollars or rupees to play online games through the platform, which has continued to multiply its revenue streams by offering ever more features to users. Since the beginning of the year, sending a message to a stranger or a celebrity is paid overseas. Soon he will probably still be on the old continent. In the future, it is likely that Facebook integrates some Freemium features and tries to further push users to spend to gain visibility, access more features or obtain New options before others.

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#11 Get Personal


Social networks like Facebook, Twitter had already eliminated the need to call or see people. Writing on Facebook wall and a private conversation on Facebook had replaced the way we communicate with our closed ones. So it is another great reason to quit facebook and meet our closed one on a more personal level.


#12 Your Private Messages aren’t private


Mark Zuckerberg explained while on a conference call with investors “Facebook historically has focused on friends and public content” in targeting ads, “now, with Messenger and WhatsApp, we’re taking a couple of different approaches towards more private content as well.” That means that personal messages are tapped by companies who exchange information with other advertisers in order to show you better ads. That’s the reason why many privacy advocates think you shouldn’t use Facebook.

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#13 Facebook is killing your precious time


If you are one of those who are scrolling down the Facebook newsfeed all the time then you are actually spending time on others. Facebook has become a disease that is slowly killing your precious time that you will never get back. Users assume that they use Facebook on their free time, though they were not aware that they can spend the same time taking care of themselves.


#14 Facebook Damages Communication Skills

15 Good Reasons To Quit Facebook Now

15 Good Reasons To Quit Facebook Now

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The social network is supposed to help us communicate but at the same time, it fades real communication. According to some surveys, users face difficulties communicating effectively which negatively affects our relationship at home, at work or anywhere else really.


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#15 Facebook is Addictive


Facebook is addictive! Checking your phone for Facebook updates as soon as you wake up or just before you go to sleep is the addiction. Well, Facebook is so good to be ignored. However, you will like to have a look at your life without Facebook and think about the good parts. According to the study in the Psychological Science Journal, people crave social media more than tobacco and alcohol during the day and evening.

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If you’re convinced by these 15 reasons to quit Facebook and if you are worried about how to start the process to quit facebook then you can try reducing the amount of time you spend on Facebook. If you like the post, share it with your friends too!

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