August 12


11 Considerations In Choosing Mobile Dental Care Providers

When it comes to choosing mobile dental care providers such as a mobile dental clinic in California, there are lots of things that need to be taken into consideration. To ensure the health and safety of recipients, you have to consider the following when speaking with a provider of portable or mobile dental care.

  1. Any district or school that is going into a contractual relationship must get their legal counsel to review the memorandum of understanding or/and contract before it gets finalized.
  2. The majority of portable/mobile dental care providers are business entities and they have to make money to function. They might target children who have government-sponsored insurance (e.g. Healthy Families, Denti-Cal, etc.) while greatly overlooking uninsured kids.
    1. Is the group non-profit or privately funded?
    2. Are they prepared to treat uninsured kids and if yes how many?
    3. How will they make sure that all children will get access to the dental care that they are offering?
    4. Do they case-manage to make sure that children get needed treatment/care?
  3. Can the providers offer any references?
  4. Will the provider of portable/mobile dental care be offering comprehensive care (extractions, fillings, stainless steel crowns, and so on), or just preventative care (sealants, fluoride, cleaning, etc.)?
  5. How frequently will the provider of portable/mobile dental care come back to offer services? This is quite crucial especially for a mobile dental clinic in California that will cater to schools.
    1. What occurs when a kid that’s been seen by the portable/mobile provider develops issues while the provider isn’t present at the school? Who does the child get referred to?
    2. Who are the provider’s partners within the community?
  6. How and in which language(s) would the provider be communicating with parents to get permission, present its plan of treatment, tell them about the services that were done on their child, offer referral information, offer instructions as regards post-operative care, and so on?
  7. How does a provider determine whether a child has a regular provider of dental care and what will be done to make sure that the child goes back to his/her provider of record?
  8. When will the portable/mobile provider come back to offer a recall (examinations as well as routine cleanings), new patient care, as well as case follow-ups?
  9. Whereas well as how are services to be provided, for instance, in a mobile dental van that is parked in the school’s parking lot, inside the school’s compound via the use of portable equipment? What will be the water, space, as well as other varying requirements and needs?
  10. How will the quality of care be determined, for instance, follow-up on tooth extractions or retention of sealant?
  11. What are the policies of the provider as regards photography as well as the utilization of marketing with the media or for marketing?
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In conclusion, even though there are lots of others, these are the foremost things to take into consideration when it comes to choosing portable dental care providers such as a mobile dental clinicin California, for a school or home for the elderly. It is hoped that this article will help you make informed decisions.

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